Kurt Wiegel has been gaming since 1979- he played D&D (the original, baby!) in an indoor recess in South Vienna, Ohio. Playing a thief that died in the damned pit trap in the Kobold caves, he's been hooked ever since.

A very fortunate man, he's married to a wonderful, patient woman who encourages his hobby, and has three beautiful gamers-in-training. When not gaming, he pretends to be a chemistry professor (Ph. D. in Polymer Science and Engineering) at UW-Eau Claire, and also occasionally dabbles in local theater. Statistics: Birthday: January 22, 1972 Height: 6'8" (No, really) Weight: Approximately 1/10th of a Prius (I find it easier to express my weight in automobiles. There's less confusion) Ambitions: To run a perfect game, worthy of Whedon, Straczynski, Russell T. Davies and Tim Powers. Turn Ons: Good roleplaying, tight storytelling and natural 20's Turn Offs: Rules lawyering, people late to games and people spilling Dr. Pepper on the game table (yes Jason: I'm looking at you). Five Favorite Games: Call of Cthulhu, Angel, Terra Primate, Slipstream and Hellfrost Someone I look up to and Why: Kevin Siembieda. Seriously- the man exhales really good ideas like most of us crank out carbon dioxide.

Rob Mattison has been filming things since the early 70s.
He started his RPG gaming with Metagaming's Melee, Wizards, The Fantasy Trip, Advanced Melee
and Advanced Wizard back in 1980 and played a bunch of other games in the 90's.
A fan of Comic Books, Monsters, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Rob also produces and co-hosts Monster Model Review.
(monstermodelreview.com)and spends his spare time playing first player shooters. 

Married with 3 great kids, 3 dogs and a Tarantula, he lives in Wisconsin, video taping things and building monsters. 

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